Laurie Calkins

Harpy I.T. Solutions LLC
CEO & Managing Member
St. Louis , MO 63103-1936
Ph: 314.405.8222

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  About Me

I retired from the USAF at the rank of Senior Master Sergeant (SMSGT)/E-8, after serving almost 25 years. I've been married over 30 years to my very understanding and patient husband, Chris, who's also retired USAF. We have two wonderful adult daughters, an outstanding and responsible son-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren whom we love and adore. After retirement, I worked shortly thereafter as a contract employee for APPTIS. After a five-year stint, I resigned so that I could focus on finishing my business administration degree. While doing that, I dabbled with the idea a colleague brought to me--starting an I.T. company. Not being a stranger to challenges, I knew starting an I.T. business was going to be my greatest challenge yet. Stepping out on faith, l began working on establishing the business, which came about in November 2011. January 2012 is when the business was officially launched with my business partner, Mr. Paul R. James III. I'm the managing member and majority owner of Harpy I.T. Solutions LLC, and Paul is the President. Giving up was never an option. Neither was quitting. We're now in our 8th year of business---growth is slow, but steady. We offer many products and services pertaining to information technology, enterprise network design and engineering consulting, as well as cyber security. Please check us out on our website: