Iraj Jasmine Ali

Bay Systems Consulting, Inc.
PALO ALTO , CA 94022
Ph: 5104150917

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Ms. Ali has served as BSC’s Top Executive since founding, organizing, directing, and managing all aspects of the contract’s operational support functions involving multiple complex and inter-related project tasks that often require managing teams of personnel at multiple locations.Establishing and maintaining technical and financial reports to show progress of projects to L senior management and hiring managers; organizing and assigning responsibilities to subordinates; overseeing the successful completion of all assigned tasks. In addition to winning 32 industry awards and accolades under Jasmine’s leadership, BSC earned two patents in 2019: Bio-based Nanoparticles and annealed metal, non-particle decorated Nanotubes under the USRA/NAMS Project; and the Insight Program; manages complex, interconnected data sets & their derivatives under the NASA Ames Intelligent Systems Research and Development Services (ISRDS) 2 Program.