Caula Butler

CAPE Construction

Baton Rouge , LA 70806
Ph: 2259255600

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  About Me

A Bit About Caula Butler, Owner (CAPE Construction) I believe that life is meant to be as simple as possible. So, as an experienced contractor professional, my primary goal is to aid you in making the commercial construction process seamless. I always say, “my clients deserve service beyond expectations”. That’s why all they can do is tell me what they're trying to accomplish and from there, I’ll do all the heavy lifting by providing you with all the research, options, and possibilities available. Upon opening Cape Construction in September 2009, I realize that I am a visionary and have a passion for building. As a minority and female owner, I understood the diversity of ideas that I can bring to enhance any project(s). Construction has inspired me to work harder throughout my career to overcome the partiality, which has given me a strong skillset and the capability of adapting to different challenges that can occur in any project. My ultimate interest is to inspire a new generation of female contractor in leadership and management roles. I am often thrilled when my colleagues and collaboratives allow my efforts to” build like a girl in a man’s world”.