Jamilah Lawry

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Ph: 215-443-1076

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Meet Jamilah Lawry, the ultimate business fixer dedicated to empowering small businesses and non-profits. With a keen eye for identifying and streamlining processes, Jamilah's expertise spans from optimizing procedures and software systems to enhancing online marketing solutions and strategic planning. Her approach ensures organizations are not only prepared for crises but also equipped to thrive in any situation. Jamilah understands that one of the most significant mistakes during a crisis is failing to recognize it. Over the past few years, she has witnessed small businesses of all sizes face various challenges, underscoring the need for robust processes and online visibility through search engine optimization and system improvements. Her solutions ensure seamless operations and effective crisis management. Jamilah's guidance goes beyond public relations. She emphasizes the importance of understanding staff skill sets, roles, and responsibilities to ensure preparedness. Her expertise has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, reflecting her ability to deliver successful project outcomes and inspire audiences to achieve meaningful business goals. Engage Jamilah Lawry and experience the confidence that comes with having a seasoned expert by your side, ready to guide your organization toward solving its most pressing challenges and achieving lasting success.