Resilient Workforce Solutions

Resilient Workforce Solutions
Briel Carter
Phoenix, AZ
Ph: 602-725-1807

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Our Mission: We believe a psychoeducational approach to professional development through e-learning, grounded in adult learning theory, will increase the employee well-being of a post-pandemic workforce.

Our Vision: More humane organizational cultures that foster a greater sense of altruism, empathy, and prosocial behavior enhancing societal well-being through one's work experiences.

The impact of COVID-19 on the workforce has significantly impacted employee well-being. Organizations are tasked with finding solutions to address the immediate needs of the post-pandemic workforce (Hite & McDonald, 2020). The current workforce landscape includes new work behavior trends, uncertainty, and role ambiguity, negatively impacting employee well-being. Job demand theory propagates the two reinforcements of organizational outcomes: job demands and resources (Akanni et al., 2020). Job demands deplete employee resources and, therefore, negatively impact well-being. In contrast, job resources neutralize the negative effect on employee well-being (Akanni et al., 2020). Job resources include learning opportunities to increase emotional intelligence within the organization (Akanni et al., 2020). If emotional intelligence is cultivated, then employee well-being will increase. Increasing EQ is at the heart of everything we do.