M&M Media Solutions, Inc.

M&M Media Solutions, Inc.
Anna Schweissinger
1610 R Street Suite 300, Sacramento, California 95811
Ph: (916)648-9999

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M&M Media Solutions, Inc. is a premier, coast-to-coast media buying agency specializing in research, planning, buying, and implementation for all types of media for more than 25 years. The agency also provides high-quality and cost-effective creative services, including concept development, video production, video editing, graphic, print, and web design services.
Knowing who to target and how to target is both an art and a science. There are more and more outlets, channels and media platforms to consider than ever before from social media to broadcast media to print and outdoor, and it’s imperative that the Federal Government contract with the right partner for strategic communications planning and media buying.
In fact, Media Solutions regularly contracts with State of California agencies and departments – California being the sixth largest economy in the world with a population that speaks a multitude of languages and Los Angeles being one of the largest media markets in the country. This means Media Solutions regularly creates detailed media plans balancing complex goals to serve government client needs. Media Solutions is unique, knowledgeable, and equal to the larger competition.