Aaceses Ihmire Industries, LLC

Aaceses Ihmire Industries, LLC
Tiarra Barton
2176 Citygate Drive, Building A-B, Columbus, Ohio 43219
Ph: 6149752213

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Aaceses Ihmire Industries is a technology design and manufacturing company that started in 2013. Aaceses stands for Avionics, Automation, Controls, Electronic Scientifically Engineered Systems. Ihmire stands for "Intelligent Human Machines Interact Robotically Everyday". Aaceses Ihmire specializes in the creation of super intelligent complex systems, smart devices and components. Aaceses Ihmire Industries has completed more than 20+ contracts with the Department of Defense. We strive to develop the most high-level technology that will not only save lives but improve the environment around the world. We take pride in providing our customers with super intelligent systems as well as real-time solutions. Our products and services include designing and manufacturing Drones, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Systems and Devices, Embedded Systems and Components, Wire Harness & Cables. We offer Technical Consulting, Systems Engineering and Research and Development.