TechResolve, Inc.

TechResolve, Inc.
Roxanne Williams
2041 MLK Jr Ave SE, Ste M2, Washington, DC 20020
Ph: (202) 610-2383

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Tags: ITsupport   ITservicemanagement   helpdesk   ITaas   problemmanagement   EDWOSB   WOSB  
TechResolve is committed to providing a high standard of integrated IT problem management for a variety of users.  It is fundamentally important that we maintain customer-centered business practices where first and foremost is customer satisfaction and then profitability.  While we certainly value the need for strong revenues we will at no time jeopardize our high standards of quality for the sake of a sale. 

As a socially conscious company, we also build the communities where we are located by giving disadvantaged and underrepresented local residents opportunities to gain sustainable employment. Unemployment in wards 7 & 8 is over 30% as compared to the 6.5% for DC overall (2023). To TechResolve, helping local regions build the pool of minority talent and women of color not only builds community but builds stability for businesses and the local economies.

In partnership with Urban Ed and other local non-profit organizations with a mission to provide underprivileged children, youth and adults with technology-driven education and skill development for sustained futures, we aim to provide job opportunities to hand-picked high caliber IT certified program graduates, and IT professional alumni to help serve our mission as a leading small minority owned and operated business within a historically under-utilized business (HUB) zone.