Abile Group, Inc.

Abile Group, Inc.
Cara duCellier
Annapolis, MD
Ph: 703-917-4257

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Abile Group was formed in July 2004 to partner with the Intelligence Community and their Contractors, focusing on Performance & Program Management and IT &

Systems Engineering. We have over a decade of success in the Federal Government and are an EDWOSB dedicated to supporting you.

Abile Group’s Enterprise Performance & Program Management Division understands the challenges facing today’s government agencies and contractors – ranging from compliance with regulatory requirements to simply understanding how to define success in an organization. Performance Management success depends upon linkages from Agency Vision & Strategic Goals through Employee Performance metrics and we can support evaluation, design, and implementation at all levels. Abile Group’s IT and Systems Engineering Division is a solutions-oriented group with proven successes managing the entire Engineering lifecycle. Our cross-trained Systems, Network, Cyber & Audio/Video Engineers understand both business and technology. This unique perspective enhances productivity through innovation as well as constant process improvements, maximized tool potential, and organization-wide understanding of success-driven metrics.