Array of Engineers

Array of Engineers
Stacy Paul
Grand Rapids, MI
Ph: 989-858-1855

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Array of Engineers is a women owned small business located in West Michigan.  Our team has decades of experience providing engineering services to aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, and medical customers.

Array of Engineers has worked through all aspects of the lifecycle and certification process related to DO-178, MIL-STD-882E and similar standards.  We have met and exceeded DER/OBAR expectations on both FAA and EASA projects.  Our engineers have been trained in the ISO 9001 process, have applied this process to previous projects, and are familiar with the associated Quality Management System (QMS).  They have also been fully ITAR compliant on all applicable projects.
Array of Engineers has software development experience in the following areas:
  • We have designed system level requirements, ICDs, and process documents in addition to writing high and low level requirements.
  • Software applications have been developed using both model based development and embedded environments.
  • We have experience creating applications, services, and scripts using a wide range of languages include .NET environments.
  • Our team has experience designing test equipment and end-of-line product testers as well as embedded test software.
Array of Engineers has software verification experience in the following areas:
We have over a decade of experience developing and executing manual and automated verification and validation processes and artifacts.   
Our many years of experience performing verification activities have led us to adopt automated processes to greatly accelerate verification time. These processes ensure consistency in results and provide assurance of operation.
We have engaged our test team early during requirements generation to ensure testable and test-friendly requirements. The team also works hand-in-hand with software development to reduce schedule and prevent systemic software issues from propagating throughout the development lifecycle.
We have worked to automate analysis processes including data coupling, control coupling, and structural coverage. This has also been leveraged to produce automated change impact analysis tools for use in future revisions.
Array of Engineers has hardware experience in the following areas:
  • Our embedded software and hardware development team has extensive expertise designing mixed analog/digital, microprocessor, FPGA, SoC, and full processor based boards and firmware across various products and applications.
  • Our team has experience using various PCB development tool suites, IDE platforms, and designing to the DO-254 standard.
  • We have designed test engineering enclosures with cable-connector interfaces to UUT to provide test stimuli, simulation, and verification.