Linda Rawson

DynaGrace Enterprises, Inc.
Fruit Heights , UT 84037
Ph: 8017919222

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  About Me

Linda Rawson is a technology entrepreneur, author, inventor, and C-level executive. Since 2006, she has owned and operated DynaGrace Enterprises, a Women-Owned Small Business in rural Morgan, Utah. DynaGrace Enterprises is family-owned and has done many millions of dollars of federal government contracts. Linda was born in a small farming community in Utah. She was raised by a single mother who never went to college and did not have any dreams of owning her own business. She broke that mold and became a success in the business world. She started as a software engineer in the eighties when it was not typical for a woman in Utah. She has exceeded expectations and never let various challenges and obstacles associated with being a woman impede her path to success. Her background as a software engineer, combined with her corporate executive experience, merges the technical with the business world. Linda is the author of several books. Most notable is her book titled “The Minority and Women-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts” but she has also written a book on grief. For children, she wrote coloring books on weather science and a fully illustrated children’s book on Blockchain. As an inventor, she is continually working on her latest invention, a compact, portable weather station called the WeatherEgg™. She loves to educate children about weather science through her coloring book, and the adventures of her animated humanoid characters called the “WeatherEgg Kids.” She occasionally speaks to groups of business owners on the climb from Country Girl to CEO. Last year she graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses training and received an award for Davis/Morgan business of the year. She finds balance in her life by being very close to her family. She loves traveling and participating in outdoor activities like golf, hiking, and snowshoeing. She has a passion for meteorology and is an amateur photographer. She also raises honey bees.