Mapco Services, LLC

Mapco Services, LLC
Lesley Touart
Pascagoula, MS
Ph: 228-471-7446

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When a disaster strikes, we are ready! In the immediate aftermath of a disaster or emergency event that generates a large amount of debris, organizations such as state and local governments benefit from the support of Mapco's disaster debris removal management and monitoring services. Our services are vital to ensuring that the disaster related debris removal is conducted appropriately, efficiently and in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. We Services has the proven experience to be the partners you need to achieve rapid recovery by quantifying, monitoring collection and disposal of debris with respect to funding, safety, the environment, and other regulatory matters. Mapco Services has a team of experienced and seasoned members who have provided disaster response and recovery services for more than 20 years. Emergency disasters can inflict unprecedented devastation to communities, communities who depend on rapid response for efficient recovery. Our team provides the specialized knowledge, expertise, experience, and labor forces to navigate through the devastation in a disaster-stricken community and execute an efficient plan that is crucial to the recovery process and reestablishment of normalcy. Our team has supported countless federal, state, and local government entities prepare and respond to a multitude of natural and man-made disasters such as, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, ice storms and oil spills. Combined, we monitored the federally reimbursable removal of approximately 50 million cubic yards of debris and achieved 100% FEMA documentation compliance resulting in the maximum reimbursement for communities which we partnered with.